Jan 12, 2008

Dogfish Head Chicory Stout

Ohhh man!!! Friends and family as well as loyal reader's of this here bloggity all must know about the thing I have for Dogfish Head by now. Their 60 Minute IPA is one of the greatest and most original tasting beers ever. It's my regular beer these days and I always take it to picnics, late night records spin meetings, parties & basement/living room rock-n-roll shows and don't mind giving one to somebody who has a appreciation for the good stuff. I know once they try it, they'll be a convert and will get me one back the next time our paths cross.
A rich coffee color of the beer and a caramel tint slight head are right in check where they should be. A woodsy scent. Something similar to a pot of coffee over an open fire perhaps? Molasses and something peppery undertones in the aroma as well.
The first thing noticed in the flavor is coffee and a roasted malt tinge but with things like St. John's Wort and liquorice root added to the brewing process it's not the usual things expected in a stout's taste. Neither of them stand out in front but, along with the chicory, bring interesting balance between bitter and sweet. This medium bodied brewed finishes dry which is where the cascade hops and chicory really shine through.
Is this a stout in the traditional sense? Well....yes and no. The Dogfish Headsters know the origins and respect them but can resist tweaking it til they come up that has them standing apart from everyone else in the game. And once again the pull it off in way where it seems like it just comes natural for them.

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Carson said...

I had a couple of these last night. Damn good and I am not even that big on stouts.