Dec 15, 2007

DIRTY CHINESE THIEVES "Jesus Hates..." 7inch EP

This record comes in the mail with no return address, no info in the envelope or on the record itself. Just the title on the front sleeve in a stencil font and sharpie scrawled songs titles on the label. There's a postmark from Canada but no city. Weird. I get mail from all kinds of weird places but there's always some city or region of orgin of where it came from stamped somewhere on ther record. All that's here is some numbers. A Google search doesn't unturn any stones either. It's like this band has almost gone to KISS before they took the make-up off type of measures to shroud themselves in some kind of mystery. The only identifier to go on was that the copy that came here was number 23 out of 25. Here I am completely on a wild goose hunt and the needle hasn't even been dropped on the record. Sure, there's been plenty a based off packaging mystery record that has passed through these rooms but usually the sender will include some type of note scrawled on the bag of an old flyer or paper bag if nothing else but here...nothing of the sort. From a post I made over at the Terminal Boredom forum I gathered the band is from the Toronto area, have played a strip bar and there set is about 10 minutes long.
What ya get on the record is are 3 adventures in in hard rock/punk rock. A big lout of a bar fly on the mic, James Williamson flash licks all oiled and loose, tempos ranging from mid to fast and big rock song endings. It's all run through some kinda retardo punk approach which saves them from being tossed onto the RAWK junkpile.
Word is this is a contact for 'em

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