Dec 6, 2007

the DAILY VOID "Mass Communication Culture" 7inch EP

This batch of former Functional Blackouts are one of those bands where what you think about them depends on the mood your in. The first time I heard them I thought "Arty, spazzing, disjointed...but ehhh, something lacking." Maybe it was because I was listening to MP3's because this record hits some nails pretty hard.
Side one's "Mass Communication Culture" is an overload of bashed out guitar chords with a bunch of other string mangling coiling and slithering under, over and around it, angry space alien barking out words topping a live fast & young-die beaten & abused rhythm.
"Mechanical Teeth" echoic pattern of harm and grunts from fiery pits of psychosis bangs into "Mind Control" which sounds like it's gonna fall off into a ravine from the high speed accident. The guard rail knocked out, people inside teetering between life and death, screaming at god and ready to lose it all in a ball of flames.

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