Dec 17, 2007

COCOBEURRE/CHOCOLAT split single 7inch EP

While some place's have have shown great promise when it comes to an "awesome music scene" only to loose gas or fizzle out a couple of years later-the merry makers of Montreal continue down their own path, exchanging & sharing bandmates and finding other similar hearted rabble along the way to join them on the trip. The places they end up always warrant a listening or 20.
The Del-Gators Coco Butter Khan is Cocobeurre. On "Baby Where You Gone" she is backed by here brother-Yes, the King of Khan-where they take the songs of yearning woe from a Girls In The Garage comp and stick it in a country shack. She is joined by Choyce for "Watermelon"-a Ye-Ye piece gone seriously awry ending up in a spot somewhere between the Raincoats at the height of a vibrating shambles and the Black Lips wandering around in a total daze.
Chocolat have Demon's Claws in their midst and share some of the same characteristics such as sounding like totally unwashed kids with a penchant for R&B period Stones and pills but here with ears more on Freakbeat and the catchy end of AM radio psychedelia. The vocals sung in French give it a different swing too...It's almost downright exotic (and a bit sleazy).

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