Dec 8, 2007

CHOYCE "Won't You Come Back" 7inch EP

World Traveller and all around Renaissance man of trash-rock Choyce (Daylight Lovers, Les Sexareenos, CPC Gangbangs, Luxury Rides and a bunch more I am leaving out) gets really real gone, pretty much goes it alone (Chi of Spaceshits, Del Gators lends some noise, Scat Rag Boosters Edouard gets it all on tape) and makes just as much racket as he does in any other circumstance.
"Won't You Come back" is slide bar murder blues field recorded from a cocaine swamp. Then "One Way Ticket" runs around like a rockabilly chicken with it's head cut off inside of dilapidated barn full of spring reverb & raunchy porno while the instro "Demon Mouche" sits on the backporch watching the sun go down and awaiting on the UFO's to return to mutilate the herd with toy laser guns.

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