Dec 23, 2007

CHARLIE and the MOONHEARTS "I Think You're Swell" 7inch EP

The type of trash-punk done only the way the Californian's can do it. Charlie and his Moonheart pals take the tempo and hit the gas harder give the sound a new kind of kick it's been in need of. Four loud and fast blasts of garagepunk that actually feels like the brashiest yet swankiest of PUNK. Guitar amp speakers sound like their gonna scream mercy at any second, a drummer who might be turning blue because he don't have time to breath cuz he's too busy knocking out a manic non stop beat and a singer jumping between a hillbilly wail, a 60's caveman grunt and a raw throated scream. Sure, there's a billion of bands still out there doing this kind of sound but by fucking with it these guys are doing it right.

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