Dec 20, 2007

BLANK DOGS "Two Months" 7inch EP

I'm guessing my "weird punk" vocabulary is limited. I always throw out the same usual references points. Sorry, I just ain't the anthropologist (at the most) or MP3 diggers (at the least) as a ton of other interwebsters. I only have the more obivious of reference points. Sure, when listening to a Blank Dogs record I could mention a song or two of Cabaret Voltaire's "Red Mecca", the Electric Eels, say something like "'Travelogue' by the Human League getting a heavy dose of electric guitars" or my 50,000th "First two Chrome albums" reference (all of the above just because they are records I spent a lot of time with back in my high school days) but I always do that and the band blurs all of that stuff up in such a messed up where no matter what is said someone's gonna say "I don't hear that at all" then go on about some stuff no one other than those that spend 8 hours a day everyday on Soulseek go seeking out.
Mars has a transmission tower in the earth's molten core?
Tape hiss! Pinned needle blare! A spaced out and tarnished yet metallic glare! Outerspace rock without exaggerating because they aren't earthlings but really from outerspace. And in outerspace they're trying to have something in the song that catches attentions and gets people humming, mumbling or screeching along as opposed to those of this planet where they do the opposite by taking something that could be a hook and attempt a form of alienation. They say someday computers will do all of this planets thinking. Somewhere in another galaxy the Blank Dogs have already set a revolution against such things. It's not a war against the technology though but a battle of of keeping a humanoid control over it instead of vice versa.
An "interview" with the Blank Dogs

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