Dec 22, 2007

Anderson Valley Winter Solstice

Ahhh yes! Here we are on the day of the solstice and I need to get up the gumption to head out into the cold. There's a Christmas party going down at the local brew pub and I'm one of the dj's on the bill. Now, you're probably thinking "DJing at a brew pub?! That means free beer probably, right? And you get to spin some tunes. What more incentive do you need to head out?"
It's not the incentives I'm balking at (though, to be honest with ya the beer they make there isn't that much of a selling point but that's another story for another time...good food and some of the most coolest waitstaff for at least 50 miles none the less) it's just heading out into the cold and trekking over there. Yeah, yeah. Say I'm getting lame and old...whatever. It's all about getting a few drops of oil into the moving parts and letting the motor heat up first. Like that right and rich perfect 2-cycle mix for the Ski-doo or chainsaw this Winter Warmer is doing just that.
A really nice dark red color. I don't take much into the overall of color when it comes to beer but it's attractive the way it let's the light through.
Scents of malt, vanilla and cinnamon waft from the glass underneath a modest head. First few sips are of alcohol and a bit of a creamy vanilla thing but as the chill fades and the beer the winter spiciness of woodsy cinnamon and the tang of cherry show up, bringing a stand in front of the fireplace for a few minutes warm up after being in the cold all day that let's ya know you can make it through another season of skin drying and frost biting temps as long as there is a tonic or two to help ya through. The creamy, fruity & spicy finish reminds me of a Tom & Jerry, something that, courtesy of the Brass Rail, has been a tradition in this town for something like 70 years. The better half and I have already been there for one this year but I'm going it alone tonight. It's only a few blocks away the place where the records will be spinning...a place that you'd think would have some other good mirco bottles to compliment their own brews but as I said before the beer they make is nothing to crow about and their imports go no deeper than Molson, Guinness and Becks, so they won't have anything like this. I think I'll stroll over to the Rail sometime during the night. This is like that place's winter specialty...Rich barley instead of dark rum but they'd could be sisters. Hits the spot and gets Holiday spirit going. Both will be gone by the first of the year. I'll look forward til next year again for both too.
My ride (Hell no. I ain't driving to night! Too many amateurs out there getting their drink on. A cab will get me home) is outside honking their horn...gotta slide. I think I'll play "Maggot Brain" in honor of the season...unless you have a better suggestion that is.

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