Nov 12, 2007

the PLEASURE KILLS "Smash Up The Radio" 7inch

Will all the geeks for a loud and brash pop song raise their hands? Not necessarily power-pop geeks though. Well, power-pop geeks can raise their hands too but don't act too dorky, okay?
Yeah, I'm a sucker for a good loud and brash pop song. I think it has a lot to do with that in junior high I discovered the Knack, Blondie and the fact that maybe not all girls had cooties. I don't fawn, flip or freak over every band doing it but when there's a hook that gets stuck in the head it can't be denied.
Now throw a female singer into the equation. The girl band geeks can raise their hands now too but things get a little tricky here. Girl band geeks aren't the choosiest. I have nothing against girl bands or girl singers. I'll admit to anyone that the Go-Go's are one of my top favorite bands ever (Did I already go over this? Pretty sure I have) but a lot of dudes will like the band just because they have a chick singer. Things like actual good songs can take a backseat in a lot of those situations. "Yeah, the tunes are sorta weak and the hooks kinda dull BUT THE SINGERS GOT A NICE SET OF CANS." Such a scenario explains how a not much else going for them band like the Charms gets priority display space on the racks at Best Buy (Well, that and some money of course).
I am not by any stretch an opponent of a nice set of cans but ya better have something more than that going for you. Sure, a nice set of cans grabs one's attention but if that's all the band has to offer gawkers are only gonna get ya so far.
The Pleasure Kills seem to got it going on in the right departments though. Not a superslick production but there a sparkle and a bit of grit. A large dollop of Blondie and maybe a few dashes of Martha and the Muffins going on. There's that something going on here that would've had Rodney on the Roq playing this on the radio for weeks on end back in his early 80's heyday. If someone played me "Smash Up The Radio" and asked "Do you remember this song from the Valley Girl" soundtrack I would say no but only because between seeing in the theater a bunch of times when it came out, then it's run on HBO and spot it still holds with basic cable airings I pretty much got the film commited to memory. It's a cool little piece of day-glo earrings and checkered Van's new wave rock yet it's the flipside's "Over and Over" with it's "Bop Bop-A-Bop Bop Bop" chorus and guitar fuzz solo stirs up memories of me wanting to go to California and finding a girl who smells like a raspberry Blow Pop.


Carson said...

Dreaming. Dreaming is free.

I used to be goth said...

Dreaming may be free but freedom isn't free.

carson said...

The songs on their myspace are ok. If Long Gone was still putting out records he could put them in a better studio then Little Steven could take the credit for discovering them