Nov 29, 2007

MAASTER GAIDEN/ the POINTS split single 7inch EP

Two side of blasty blaaangowaang from different sides of this country. From the heart of Texas Maaster Gaiden do more of a "what happened after the Ramones suceeded to fuck up kids in Suburbia yet a fair distance before you'd get kicked out of a party for not attending the church of Screeching Weasel" thing than their punk rockers in an Iroc vibe their full-length gave off.
The Points, outta Washington DC, sound like they were the ones that did kicked out of those Screeching Weasel church group parties so they'd go home and listen to Motorhead & Devo (leaning more to the Lemmy than to the Bob's in case you are footnoting) records while planning some type of revenge.

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