Nov 24, 2007

Harpoon Brown Session Ale

Two assignments were given to me for my family Thanksgiving gathering (which was today, a few days later than the actually holiday thanks to the bullshit scheduling geniuses at the corporate office of my employer). One was to find a turkey that would feed four adults & four kids. The other was to get a good beer that all us adults could agree on. My place of employment gave all it's drones a bird that was way more than enough for the former. Like a 20 pounder. Yeah, It surely did the trick and all of us who were at the table will be eating who knows how many turkey concoctions over the next couple of weeks. The latter was a little trickier. The wives don't care that the colder weather warrants stouts and will say stuff like "We aren't lumberjacks" if you try to serve them one. The other guy who would partaking in the quaffing is ALMOST as much of a beer snob as beer but is more of a malt man than a hops fan. It was an assignment of considerations to say the least. I stood in front of my selections available to me almost grabbing something off the shelf then thinking "Will this be the ideal one to go with the eats as well as hearty yet smooth drinking while watching whatever is expected on TV?" It must've took me close to a half hour to decide. Not something wimpy but nothing over the top either. "Hmmm, a brown session ale. Well, if their claiming it's good for a sit down and drinking session, something which beer drinkers of all stripes usually have to discover and judge for themselves, they've taken a lot of the guess work out for me. I hope they're right."
Brown in color (natch) but a little on the lighter end of the shade. Not much in the aroma department but if ya take a big whiff some malt and caramel scents are detected. Tastewise it sorta of the same thing. A lightly carbonated malty taste in mouth and a sweet Brazilian nut thing going on in the finish. It's mild yet still a bit flavorful so I won't challenge it's claim of a session beer because they go down easy and have an appealing enough taste to please a wide range of beer drinker. That's pretty common for brown ale though, isn't it? I like things with a bit more complexity and character session or not but I'm not scoffing at this either.


The Beer Retard said...

Just wanted to say how much I like this blog. Good taste in beer and music and cool to see them in one place. I always thought I had to keep the two separate, but you pull it off.

Always good to find a session beer that you can drink several of and not get hammered like you do on the 8-10% winter beers. Tough to find an American craft-brewed brown ale with enough flavor, but it sounds like Harpoon pulls it off. Wish we could get their stuff out here on the West Coast.

Dale said...

Thanks for checking it out and the kind words too. I wasn't to sure how combining the two in one blog would work too but I figured I'd give it a shot then trying to manage several different blogs (I've got enough irons in the fire with simple day to day living already).

Hell, I live sorta in the middle of nowhere so I wish I could get a steady and wider choice of beers than people even 45 miles away from here have but you westcoasters seem to have a pretty wide array of selections that we'd hardly ever find in Michigan. Maybe we should arrange a beer trade someday.

I'm diggin' yr spot on the interweb too. I added a link to it here.