Nov 2, 2007

GOODNIGHT LOVING "Drafted Into War" 7inch

Recorded in Memphis earlier this year by brand new mama Alicja Trout and happy back-up harmonies provided by the ladies of Vancougar Goodnight Loving deliver another winner. "Drafted Into War" could possibly be the most subtle AND most entertaining protest song to come along since....oh...."99 Luft Balloons" maybe. 80's classic alternative rock ain't the template here though. It's sunshine pop gone way scruffy. Something like the Monkees when they were smoking lots of grass (and according to a book I read a couple of years ago-They smoked A LOT of grass. I know it was commonplace for all the musicians back then to toke a little bit but when I read the adventures it was like "The Monkees?! Really?! Wow! Damn!") set Don Kirschners wig on fire, had gotten 100% complete total control on "Headquarters" and hired Roky Erickson and Roger McQuinn to hang around the studio just for ambiance and the occasional thumbs up. "Life Ain't So Great" is has a little less ambiguous statement of life in the modern world and is a bit more dark musically then the a-side but no less infectious.


Carson said...

when the hell is their Bancroft single coming out? Maybe you need to hire a secretary.

Dale said...

Lots of trains got derailed this year. Finally back of track though some damn things dozing in the path slowing momentum.