Nov 4, 2007


The front cover is the inside photo of the Stones "Sticky Fingers" album but they ran it through some kind digital effect. What's the name of that photoshop setting? They took the Stones back cover and did the same thing for the back too. When I put the record on is it gonna be the music off that album run through some digital filter too? That would be stupid.
It's some type of rock but not "Sticky Fingers" rock & roll though. It's as rock as you can while using mostly synths though I guess. Jay Reatard hangs out with these guys and that's enough for some people. For me? I'm not so sure yet. I recently got dragged out to goth night at a local meat market. I will say the stuff on this record is more much more convincing than any of the shit the dj played that night. I was angry there because of all the low budget horror house fashion models. This makes me angry because it's totally fucking pissed off sounding. It's a more useful kind of anger.


Carson said...

Blood on the dancefloor?

carlo(ad)s said...

No parking on the dancefloor?

Doctor Wayne said...

It doesn't sound like the electric six or the gap band