Nov 25, 2007

BLONDSAI/thee LEXINGTON ARROWS split single 7in EP

Two female fronted punk rock bands from the Charm City. Blondsai do it in a Joan Jett jacked up on a bunch of bombast with a singer who doesn't look like the kind who'd smokes non-filtered Camels and gargles with bourbon but when she opens her mouth she sure sounds like it. The Lexington Arrows got a former Shakedown and a Beatnik Termite in the band. It's leans more to a garage rock/surf kinda thing with a singer who at times sounds like she trying a bit to hard to sound streetwise and "real". She's doesn't have a bad voice but the exaggerated vibrato and and overemotive breathing thing she does would probably start to annoy me after 10 minutes. Good thing the side is only about 5 minutes in length then I guess.

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