Nov 8, 2007

Avery White Rascal Wheat Ale

The constant search for the most delicious of wheat beers can be a tricky one. Some have too much of this, not enough of that... you know the drill. The too much's or not enough's usually end up being the same thing more times than not. Those are coriander and citrus. I usually don't care for the ones that have too much of a dominant taste of one or the other but I feel also the same when they lack one of the two. It's the twists or the just right balances that win me over.
A not quite clear but not too hazy color and a nice balance between the citrus, coriander and malt in the scent. The taste also equals that balance too. A slight citrus tang but not too much, a bit of spice but not too much or this or that with a clean and refreshing yeasty finish. Considering that we're into November and the temps 'round these parts are no longer what people would call warm this isn't quite a seasonal appropriate brew but when the warm months roll back around I'll be sure to have these on hand from time to time. It's surely one that'll hit the spot after some yard work.
For some reason, even with all the raves I've read about about the Avery stuff, this is the first time I've ever tried one of their wares. The take on this stuff over at Hedonist Beer Jive was an influence of led me to take the leap. It's got me wanting to give more of their stuff a shot very soon.

My favorite beer vendor ask me what I thought of them and I gave him a bit more condensed response than the one above. He then said to me "Dale, you always seem to like the things with the most sinister of looking labels." I never even thought about that til he mentioned it. Now, I must reflect....

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Doctor Wayne said...

Dude, you should let me write a beer review sometime.