Oct 14, 2007

X-OFFENDER "Get It Right" 7inch EP

Let's hear it for Michigan rock-n-roll. Nope, not just Detroit but Michigan as a whole. Then again maybe that's too all encompasing for what I'm trying to get at here. How about west side of Michigan rock-n-roll? Things have been brewing up a bit over there the last year or so. Throbbin' Urges, Metal Teeth, Tom Potter's new thing called the Chrome Spiders and these guys having been getting people to shine a light in that direction since....ummm...the Fix maybe? Has it been that long? 'Bout time again...especially with some of the sounds going down over there.
X-Offender are a punk rock trio that bring it snotty and loud. They do it with a simpleness powered by 10,000 volts that'll stick to the roof of your mouth if ya let. Lots of dirt, fuzz, obnoxiousness, chopped and treble like Rip Off Records golden era but filtered through something that can only be found in this state. Say Yes to Michigan but most of all say FUCK YEAH to the stuff like this that's coming out of Kalamazoo.

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