Oct 21, 2007


What's up most cartoons that are set under the ocean having some kinda of calypso sounding song going on in them at some point? It's a tropical thing, right? Tropical oceans represent only 0.01 percent of Earth's ocean volume though. Where's the tunes that reflect the rest of the waters? Something that sounds submerged deep in a vast amount of dark blue liquid, fragmentary bits of light seeping in vibrotic waves reflecting off strange creatures colored silver, pink and green. Someone needs to phone up the Wooden Shjips dudes and give them such an assignment.
The single titled "SOL '07" (Part 1 and 2 respectively per side) in dedication to the 40th anniversary of the Summer Of Love (and proceeds from the sale of the record going to benefit the Food Not Bombs organization) is just that type of song. The bass and drums playing a repetitious, hypnotic and dance pattern boiled down to a raw essence and sounds such as keyboards and a treated trumpet bubble up and float in and out something like the Tornados "Telstar" crashed in the sea. Guitar noise whip up a riptide then ride out on the same waves the voice surges and sways upon. Side one fades out for side two's fade up where the expanse get wider and deeper into the deepest of blue.

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