Oct 4, 2007

Warbird Gold Ale

Okay...so I didn't really check out the packaging too much before I bought this. It was more just a glance. We were off to a bonfire and running behind schedule so it was a quick in and out at the store.
"Hmmm, what's a golden ale? Fort Wayne, Indiana...I once met a girl from there and she seemed pretty cool. I guess I'll give it a shot." It hadn't yet sunk in the company name was Warbird.
Once I start looking over the label and the carrier it came in it all makes sense. The company is into old American warplanes. The full name of this brew is Mustang Gold Ale (Mild Golden Beer). So is it an ale or a beer? I need to know...wanna have an idea of the sugars I'm ingesting y'know.
It seems more like a novelty beer that you'd buy for an uncle who served in the war and wants to try "one of the mick-ro beers". After all, the brewery's whole angle. I forgive beer makers for that stuff because everybody's got their obsessions. I'm sure if I had my own beer company people would be wondering what the hell inspired the names of the beers. Hell, Lagunitas out in California has a whole line with a Zappa motif. I'm not big on old Frank and he wasn't even a beer drinker but I'd still try a beer the he somehow inspired. Clear yellow color with lots of bubbles. Looks kinda like a High Life. A faint malt and green hop taste with a hint of honey. Aftertaste had the corn thing going on. Not much character at all, really. It's easy drinking but as when it's all said and done I gotta stick it in the boring section. It reminded of a superfresh and less oily, you guessed it, High Life at 2 and 1/4 times the price. Beer Advocate has this under the APA category on their site but that's gotta be a mistake. It reminds me more of a extra light lager crossed with a just average pilsner. The wife's 80 year old grandfather enjoys a beer a couple of times a week. He's a High Life man and did his time in WW2. I'm gonna take the rest of these over there. He'll get a kick out it but he was a Navy man so I imagine he'll ask if they make any one with ships in mind. Cool looking label though....

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