Oct 29, 2007

TUFF BANANAS "Candy" 7inch EP

One of the message boards (I believe it was Terminal Boredom) a couple of months back someone was getting bent out of shape that a couple of members of one of the greatest punk rock bands of the last decade or so were now in a bubblegum group. The punk rock band was the Catholic Boys and the bubblegum group are the Tuff Bananas. Well, those guys never denied their sweet tooth. As a matter of fact I recall hanging out with Paul at something like 3 in the morning after listening to a Buddah singles comp I have then watching some Bay City Rollers videos and half jokingly plotting how to bring a rock out and fuck with a sound like that and bring into the 21st century. Or at least I thought it was half joking...none the less the results are sugarbuzz blast.
Just in time for Halloween side one's "Candy" is a ya can't help but sing-a-long honoring of all kindsa confections with a keyboard line found at the waaay fun end of New Wave and a bit the Boys punky power pop yet situated in a place where it sounds not at all out of place no matter the decade, trend or era. There aren't many songs that you can both pull taffy or outrun the cops to but these Milwaukee excitable's not only do it but do right at the two minute mark.
The flip's "Firebug", a quick blast of love for playing with matches, and the Coasters meet the Saints on a latenight kitchen raid sound of "Refrigerator Gator" keep sweet and sticky hyperactivity way up high. If ya can't dance to this or at least crack a smile when these songs are playing ya might wanna call yr doctor because your heart has turned to stone.

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