Oct 23, 2007

the STRANGE BOYS "Nothing" 7inch

Using the word "strange" in the band's name is appopro here. It's guite an odd view at how a mashin of certain kinds of music should be done. Apparently some of the garage rock intelligentsia aren't digging this record. I don't know why. Maybe it's because it's weird but not "weird punk" or something. I dunno, maybe some ears aren't tuned into fix on an very odd mix of psychedelic honky tonk that slipping and sliding all over a road covered with Country Teasers ice though a Black Lips drizzle with the Pastels behind the wheel taking backseat driving directions from a sauced up Pretty Things Dick Taylor. Mine are receiving this Strange Boys record loud and clear though. Off center and slurry sound teetering between the gutter, the front porch, jail and church?!?! Texas stewed country mud stumblers slip in one of too many shots rock-n-roll shots of tequila! The shambled twang meets the god-damn it all of a double visioned stumble and crawl race to make it home before the sun comes up again.

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