Oct 17, 2007

STAAGS! "Robot" cassingle

A cassette single?! Over in the FAQ section we sorta dare people that want to send demo's on that format over a CD-R if for no other reason then that we can record over it...didn't expect anybody ever really would though but this band of drunk rockers did.
Featuring Final Solutions Quinn on guitar & hootin'-n-shoutin' and Memphis' funniest long haired and bearded prog rock fan Robin aka Jack Stands on bass the STAAGS! bring a case of beer each to the party then drink it all too! Yeah, lots of dudes can do that but the band brings the ROCK! too. Hard rock, punk rock, rock-n-roll-what have you. "Robot" is a short and bitter stomper sounding something like the Dead Boys with some serious Halo of Flies brain damage sitting up in the bleachers not rooting for either side but heckling both as hard as the can. "Get Off My Lawn" is like the grumpiest of grumpy old men in any given town, backed by a totally hammered hardcore band. He's not gonna call the cops or blast some buckshot at ya his you keep riding your bikes on his lawn. He's gonna bust out a flamethrower out on your ass instead!

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