Oct 1, 2007


I don't get a change to make it down to Texas very much but when I do it's all about trying as many different flavors as I can. In doing so there's things that are simply amazing to "Ehh...I can do better on that broke down Webber the wife keeps threatening to set on the curb and replacing it with a brand new one." Of course then once I think that I usually go into some diatribe to whoever I'm with that goes something to the tune of "Dammit! Doesn't she understand how well seasoned Old Red is? It'll take at least a couple of years to get any charcoal grill that right again."
Usually at that point someone will say "What about propane?" and that sets me off again in some other longwinded rant about grill posers and "Yeah, dude. Hank Hill..." or some shit. One thing I have noticed about the Lone Star State is their burgers. Sure, if you ever come through my area drop me a line and I can point you to 5 to 8 different places that make the best burger around for a 30 mile radius but in Texas even the not very good burgers (outside of fast food of course...some of the slowest "fast food service" I've ever experience was in Texas) are pretty damn good. I dunno what it is but it's safe to assume it a Texas thing. They just do something to them that make them their own thing.
The last couple of split singles that have rolled through these halls happen to be from Texas. Cool y'know cuz I get a two different things to check out and that's alright with me.
At first I was thinking that Something Fierce learned how to make a Heartbreakers (Johnny's not Tom's just to clarify) style burger. There's a million places all over the world that have some kind of meat frying on their grill like that and a lot of times it sounds reheated. Bah...Leftovers. I dunno why I thought that though because any mention drops of LAMF and so on seem way off base the second listen around. I dunno what I was thinking. Hot, juicy and tasting good. The beers to wash it all down sounds like they were smuggled out of the Marked Men's cooler. Melodic jangles and pop gleamings shot through into hyperspace by a agitated punk rock cannon.
The Hang Outs play ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! Buzzsaw punk rock but twist it a bit with a singer that that sounds like a junior high school girl with a really bad attitude. She'll either be a superstar or in jail when she hits legal drinking age.
If future travels to Tejas find me stumbling into a place where either of these bands are cooking I'll ask for a menu, pig out and will tell all my friends about how right on their food is when I get back home.

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