Oct 9, 2007


Bikers. They're probably the most romanticized groups of outsiders in modern culture. Not adhering to society rules, doing their own thing and all that. In the indie/underground/garage/punk/whatever ya wanna tag it scene the one man band is the one most likely to get the outsider tag branded on them. The thing a lot of bikers gravitate to "clubs" (according to a conversation I an uncle of mine who proudly wear his colors "the word gang brings to many negative connotations to it. We still like to drink and fight though") so as travelling in packs seems to dissipate the true meanings of the word loner or outsider. "Clubs" have a leader or someone in charge and members usually go along with it.
One man band go it alone, make and set up their own contraptions and just let it fly BUT there seems to be an unwritten law concerning a 50's rock-n-roll adhering a lot of them follow. For all I know it could be written law but since I don't have a one man band no one has handing me the rulebook. There's nothing wrong with the one man band/oldies style template...but it's cool to hear it shooken up a bit too. That's when things get interesting.
The ironic thing is that when I was opening my mail the day this came Waylon's "Don't You Thing This Outlaw Bit Has Done Got Out Of Hand" was on the stereo and I started thinking "Well, This one man band thing may be getting a little out of hand". Then I notice Slow Gun Shogun covers "Lonesome, On'ry & Mean" on this disc? Hmmm...some kinda weird omen perhaps?
Other than the opener "Spinning Wheels" (with it's line "Fuck the law") and the dirgy blues pean to budget booze "Evan Williams Blues" which follow a 50's covered in mud sound some curveballs are thrown. "Ace Rudy Haightley" is like Roger Miller doing some kinda hillbilly speedball mix Xanax, weed and bourbon. "Wish I Could Fix It All (With Some Hoodoo)" and "Lying Again" have a Velvet Underground via C86 feel to them but a lot more twang. The Waylon cover closes the disc. It's a commendable take on-think Spacemen 3 doing a version but it's hard to sell me on anyone doing any song his voice once graced.
AJ, the man behind Slow Gun Shogun, looks like a biker in his pictures and sounds like he's having a good and possibly chemically altered time making his music and would be doing it whether he has other people jamming with him or not.

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