Sep 28, 2007

RED LIMO "Soulful Attack" 7inch EP

When this got handed to me for review I asked if anything knew about the band called Red Limo. They thought I was saying Von Lmo and then would snicker. Did Johnny Ramone ever trip on LSD? And if he did was he into enough to do time and time again? Being such a Republican he'd wouldn't even tell us and can't anyways because he's dead. People like MOTO probably took care of the acid in take for him. Red Limo don't sound anything like Von Lmo but do sound like they have wondered what the Ramones if Johnny reached in his pocket, pulled out a couple of tabs and made the band eat them. Dee Dee would've called him a hippie fag and went off to to score some junk. The only trip the Ramones Acid Eaters album put me on was back to the store trying to get a refund. Red Limo got sidetracked and bought some LSD off MOTO maybe.

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carlo(ad)s said...

So they sound like M.O.T.O.?