Oct 8, 2007

PLEXI 3 "Calculated Romance" 7inch

I really dug the Lookers single that Trickknee put out a decade ago...and the Kill-A-Watts were responsible for a couple of the last few REALLY good things that Rip Off Records put out.
When news got around that Wendy Looker and Ryan Killawatt tied the not, jumped over the broomstick, stomped on the chalise or what ever your beliefs may refer to it as many an eyebrow were raised.
"Talk about a match made somewhere very far from Heaven" was how I heard someone put it but then they added "There will be, at least, one interesting band to come of it."
That band was the Monitors. Yeah, they were interesting in that revival of abstract arty new wave way that was all the rage a couple of years back. They for sure weren't an easy listening experience. They had their moments where it seemed like they were deliberately trying to bogue people out or at least make 'em feel a bit uncomfortable. Because of this when a recent package from Dusty Medical came through the mail this was the one in the batch I put off for a few days saying "I'll get to it when I get to it." It's been a few days since then and I put this on the record player earlier this afternoon. Now I don't know when I'm gonna change the record to something else.

Side one's "Calculated Romance" does have a bit of a '78 DIY off-kilter/ slightly out of synchness to it but also hint of girl group pop going on as well. Damn catchy actually. On the flip they give Arthur Lee and Love's "You'll Be Following" a sunny California meets Wisconsin winter grey sky workover and do it justice-something a lot of band's have a hard time doing with Love covers (well, some bands do an okay job with such a thing but I just heard the Nuge's take on "My Little Red Book" on the classic rock station this past weekend...and yeah, I know it's a Bacharach/David song but Love did do the definitive version of it which I am sure where spedley Tedley got it from...and all I could think was "Damn. He sounds like he actually IS mentally retarded here." What? You didn't know that ted Nugent covered the song? I'm sure most people don't really but I live on the fringe of the Detroit radio market-a place where him and also rans like Sponge still get played more on a daily basis than FM standards like Zep and Skynyrd). Wendy spits out the verses in a snotty manner but then the chorus sounds like a ragtag but right choir. "Perfect Stangers" closes out the record like a 60's AM hit skidding all over a sheet of ice. Damn! Pop music? Yep! You bet. Is "pop music" a dirty word? In some cases it can be but as a fractured interpretation that Plexi 3 do with it not here.

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