Oct 30, 2007

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale

A couple of years ago I could go into a beer vendor around town here and find handful of pumpkin beers when autumn would roll around. They're not something I would want to drink on a regular basis but to get in the spirit of the season I would grab a couple of singles of whichever one and be on may way. I went into the store the other night in search of that once a year taste and I swear there were at least 25 different ones on the shelf looking back at me. The place I was at sorta frowns on single bottle purchases and marks them a bit to discourage one from doing that and going for the 4 or 6 pack instead just on basis of simple economics.
"Well if they're gonna get about $10 out of me one was or another I might as well go for gusto."
It's been said here before but Dogfish Head don't mess around...sometimes they go a bit over the top. If nothing else I know it'll something interesting and won't be flavor with extracts but the real thing. Ugh! Extracts. The thing I don't dig about flavored beers.
Dark orange color. Nice, it reminds me of fall. The smell of nutmeg, cinnamon and brown sugar reminds me of my grandfolks house on a Sunday afternoon. Off to a good start.
The pumpkin and spice taste is really upfront in this medium body brew when it hits the mouth. The cinnamon lingers a bit when the malt kicks in and everything finishes with a dry & hoppy bitterness. The taste of alcohol is pretty much all over it from start to finish. Not too overbearing but there's no denying that it's there. The better half said she liked it but had her thinking that someone tipped a little bit of a nut brown ale into the pie batter. I can't say that I've ever, that I recall at least, thought about having a doughnut or a bowl of ice cream with a beer before but entertained the idea while drinking this. I'm sitting on my porch and waiting for pranksters. After all it's Devil Night in Michigan. Too cold for ice cream outside for me. I'm not waiting on the porch with a shotgun though either. Are you kidding? Rifle season is coming up soon. Do you think I'm gonna waste dirtying and powdering up the barrel on some goofs looking for some cheap fun? I've got a megaphone. Any of those street urchins try a toilet paper teepee or some eggs, shaving cream or soap antics on my property I 'm gonna shout them a warning....then shoot off the air cannon I have loaded with all four of the above in their direction. If I can sense they're even thinking about the flaming bag of animal poo-I've got another cannon loaded with the same and ready go as well. Taking it too the streets is the only way to take back the streets is what I say even if the people on my block with the McGruff the Crime Dog stickers on their screendoors disagree.


Bucker Trucker said...

If you're only going to try one Pumpkin beer of the season might as well go for one of the fanciest. Good call

Dale said...

Fancy and high ABV too. Yeah, it did the trick. Now I can move on and away from pumpkin beers til next year. It was damn good but a couple can go a long way.

carson said...

I take it you had no problems with devil's that night

Dale said...

Nope. No problems...After all it's called "Angel's Night" nowadays, isn't it?

Doctor Wayne said...

The Arcadia pumpkin beer sucked. Were suppose to be Michigan friendly here but Arcadia isnt that good of a brewery in general