Oct 27, 2007


Chicago's Cococoma and Sheffield, England's Hipshakes are kindred spirits of the rock-n-roll trio ilk. They both do trashy jump around and get stupid noise but, other than that, you wouldn't confuse them with each other even when they are doing each other's songs. Cococoma's original "Never Be True" has a Misfits going way down south and balled up in static. "Whoah Oh Oh's!" and speedy distorted twang. Their cover of the Hipshakes "Brain Numb" stomps a hole through the floor as the keyboard riff gets ya hopping up and down.
The Hipshakes drop a total teenage bombshell of wild desperation & dirty celebration with their own "Hurt My Pride". A snotty voices crackles and screams over an Oblivians meets Supercharger window breaking blast. Their take on the Cococomas "All I Give" is so damn out of control it makes their preceeding original sound behaved. A two sided party record for sure...could turn in a messy party though. Be careful of random strangers too. Ya never know when one of them will imbide too much then pass out on the couch and let their bladder loose.

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