Sep 17, 2007

the METAL TEETH "...Is Rock 'n' Roll" 7inch EP

"These damn kids today! They don't care about Rock-n-roll. Video games and rap music fucked all that up..."
I hear such rants by friends and acquaintances almost everytime I go out to a rock show in this stupid town.
"...And if they do think they're playing rock-n-roll it's usually bad emo, bad metal, a bad Ramones rip off or jack offs that think putting on a cowboy hat will make them down & dirty....Not rock-n-roll at all. Too much goddamn irony" the tirade usually continues.
I nod and laugh and even admit to feeling the same way a lot of time (especially considering what is passed off as a 'Rock-n-roll' show 'round here sometimes) but their cynicism and bitterness at times makes me look like an enthusiastic and anxious street teamer.
Something to the effect of "Aww c'mon, man. There's kids out there that are into rock-n-roll. We just don't see them in there's parts of the state much" is what I find myself saying on some of these occasions. A lot of the time it's me being optimistic. In others, such as in Metal Teeth's case, is me just being plain truthful.
Live these fresh outta High School Kalamazoosters are fuzzed out and frayed. They stumble, fumble, fall over all the while getting down. It's not about about flash or fashion it's about a getting stupid and getting into a groove that gets even the lamest of asses start to shake or heading for the exits. Ringleader Jules, with guitar in hand, wails and flairs somewhere between a an 8 year old kid jumping in front of a mirror miming out an interpretation of AC/DC's "Let There Be Rock" and Jon Spencer being handed a handful of crank on stage during the Extra Width tour while the band holds on to dear life with trying to hold their own. Cutting a path through a Bo Diddley jungle beat with a knife made by the Stooges which was also used by the Oblivians to crave their mark into a couple of trees Metal Teeth hit their destination punch drunk and hungry for something as trashy as the equipment they use just as long as it's greasy and fried. This record doesn't quite hit those live beer spilling moments. It's a bit restrained. There's no one to lay blame on other than a little inexperience when it comes to using crank knobs on a tape machine and setting mics up in the room for maxium blast but as a debut single for both the band and totally cool motherfucker Curtis Useless Eater's label UFO Dictator it's a right on introduction to some doctrinaire's that have more than a clue.


carson said...

are they the offspring of Doctor Teeth and the Electric Fuzz by any chance?

Rich said...