Sep 9, 2007

HOLLYWOOD "Girl" 7inch EP

When ya say Hollywood to most people they think movie stars unless they're old people then they probably think Florida. Both of them might think sleaze though too...and that's the important part.
This DC band of dirtbags want you to think about nothing but grime and debauchery. Yep, I said DC as in Washington D.C. Yes, It's a town you may think of when when someone says sleaze but that's probably because of the going on's in the governement not it's rock-n-roll scene. Hollywood is out to change that and they might even succeed. "Girl" and "Momma" are two scrungy bits of bluesy garage filth that rivals the Mistreaters at their most fall down drunkeness while "Girl" is like what type of is the type of abandon the Black Lips were even more notorious for when they weren't lucky enough to make gas money some nights, no one would let them sleep on their floor and the cameras weren't rolling.

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