Sep 15, 2007


To describe this mountain music would be simplifying too much. So would calling it something like neo-hippie freak folk too. If I call it Americana somebody will bitch that it doesn't sound like the Jayhawks or some shit.
Living off the land somewhere in Tennesee and, most likely a hilly region than that of the flatter land, it is hard to distill down to a few sentences what the Cherry Blossoms are "about". Depending on the song between 4 to 8 people join in for a gauzy jamboree's. Acoustic instruments of questionable quality and age where sometime's a couple of them are in tune with each other but more often not making for dissonance yet still earthy melodies. Off key guys and girls voices join in joyous cacophony, someone stomps a beat on the floorboards and everyone else grabs and old jug or kazoo to blow into. I've seen a few people make a Fugs reference when talking about this band and yeah, if I was working behind the counter at a record store and someone was buying a Fugs thing and asked if I could suggest something else to compliment such a purchase I might direct them in the Cherry Blossoms direction but the Fugs had an obvious big city intellectualism in their folk music deconstruction. The Cherry Blossoms have more of a real rustic tar paper roof thing in their sound. It's like they're from a place where only the big house on the hill is the only one to have a telephone (and even they have to climb an old telegraph pole to use it) but they all have radios and the big news to come over it in months is that the Carter Family will be playing the tavern on Saturday night and the church Sunday morning. Ahh yes, that thin line between those two. It seems the Cherry Blossoms know them well with songs about the promise land, a rocket ship that spreads the power of Rock-n-Roll all over the universe, standing in the light of Jesus and turning B.O.C.'s "Godzilla" into a spooky story told around the campfire.
Maybe the band are the offspring of a touring 'Up With People' troupe who's bus skidded off an icy mountain range down into a field of those wildwood flowers and the river flows with something that puts people in a state of mind they wouldn't have else wise experienced.

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