Sep 13, 2007

Arcadia IPA

There's always a curve when it comes to giving a take on American IPA's. The reason is because there's so many variants on what an American IPA is and should be. Being that Pale's and IPA's are usually my first choice in trying any company's wares for the first time it was I grabbed for by this Battle Creek, Michigan brewery.
Murky orange in color and the smell of sour green apples, a bit of caramel and a hint of hops. Sorta odd for an IPA it seemed. Isn't that more of an Amber Ale thing?
Tastewise it's pretty medium body with that apple coming through and sweet malt. Medium bodied and crisp...but HARDLY A TASTE OF HOPS! What?! Are they sure this is an IPA? What variation of the theme is this? I don't necessarily want a some kinda over the top pucker-up hop smack in every IPA out there but I when I have one I expect them to be there. That's why they're one of my favorites...and it ain't happening here.
This kinda leaves me in a conundrum because this is a decent tasting beer...if it were sold as an Amber I'd probably be getting a little more excited about this but since it says IPA on the label and has both a Union Jack and a tallship on it-that's enough indicators to me be expecting one in the English style and that's not what I got.


carson said...

none of the Arcadias are very special. Im thinking Darkhorse might be my new favorite michigan beers

sanilac brew head said...

Being still fairly new to this blog I missed this review in the past but you are correct. I'm still going to give them another shot over this coming weekend though.