Aug 30, 2007

WHITE SAVAGE "Destroy Your Style" 7inch EP

With Jered of the Ponys, Jimmy of the Baseball Furies/the Tyrades and guys from Chin Up Chin Up and SYZ in the band White Savage were already off to a start of something that would prove interesting even before they played a song together. I don't know if this is what people expected though. Obstinate hollering and vestigial pounding at times sounding like a really drunk Gang Of Four (the Entertainment! album more than "I Love A Man In A Uniform") or the Pop Group if they aspired to be a rock-n-roll band every once in awhile than trying to see how far they could avant out the "funk". "Destroy Your Style" is a war chant (or at the least) an anthem for the fed up. The quick curt guitar noise cuts your skin abd the rhythm beats the blood out. They cover Teenage Jesus and the Jerks "Orphans" on the b-side. It's a tall feat to attempt the genuine creepy sickness of the original but there's surely a genuine approach to diseasedness here and everything sounds like it was turned up just a bit louder.

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