Aug 6, 2007

WATCH IT BURN "How America Motherfucking Works" 12inch EP

This isn't that band that sounds like Jawbreaker by the same name. That's a good thing too because I always thought Jawbreaker sucked and any band that wanted to sound like them sucked harder (which is some pretty hard sucking considering how hard Jawbreaker sucked in the first place). This is archival recordings from the early 00's of total hicks from the Wisconsin sticks making some sick and evil dirge sludge courtesy of the label that brought us Razor Fist! This shit is so thick that even the record it's self is heavy that the cover is two pieces of floor tile. Seriously, it makes it weigh as much any 5 other albums combined and it's got so much sludge that there aren't even breaks in the grooves from track to track. It's oozes and spews into the next. Black Sabbath and Black Flag put cough syrup in their bong then drink it while they listen to Napalm Death and their fresh out of prison biker neighbor rev's up his Harley at 3 in the morning. Fucking sick shit!!!

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