Aug 17, 2007

SYZ "Complicated" 7inch EP

Originally naming themselves after a brand of candy coated popcorn til some suits put the kibosh on that might have been a blessing in disquise for this. A name like Screaming Yellow Zonkers makes me think of one of those "tribute to the 80's" type bands that play gigs like 20 year high school reunions, corporate parties and that retard market down on mainstreet that claims to be a "New York City styled night club in our very own town". SYZ seems a bit more fitting. It makes one ask "What does does it mean? What does it stand for?" Besides the letters look cool together. Like it's a stock market listing or an abbreviation for a disease that is going around eastern Europe.
With members of the Krunchies, Vee Dee and the Worst in their ranks this Chicago band is a bit of an angular drone in a rock throwing contest of detuned swampness. Like if the guys from Vertigo were trying to learn a couple of Scientists songs but the turntable runs a little slow so they take turns of trying to speed it up a little bit by putting their finger on the label near the spindle a winding it around and around. It causes the record to make a weird pitch wobbly "wow" effect in the sound so they go for playing it that way.


carson said...

too bad Hozac hasnt put out any good records yet. NAME BRANDS don't mean shit

Dale said...

I'm a little behind on hearing all the Hozac releases still...When I catch up completely perhaps I can comment more on that statement.