Aug 23, 2007

Pyramid Apricot Weizen and Hefeweizen

The better half has a sewing circle with a few friends. One of the things they always have is a bottle of wine or a small sampling of beers. I get a call from work to "pick something up different for the girls and me" on my way home. Pyramid is new to the beer stores of this town and I noticed they were a buck or so cheaper than most of the other craft brewery six packs on the shelf.
"Hmmm. Apricot? Ladies like those fruity tasting brews..." I did take moment to mull over it though cuz even they were grossed out by the Leinenkugel Summer Wheat from earlier in the summer (Yes. The memory of it's badness has made a permanent mark on my psyche). They guy at the counter gave me a convincing enough spiel though to make a sale and I was on my way.
When Pyramid says this is an Apricot brew they ain't kidding. It's a cloudy orange in color so it looks a bit like apricot juice. The smell is pretty much apricot all the way and, other than a slight hint of wheat, apricot is pretty much all you can taste. The aftertaste is, you guessed it, apricot. I mean, you hardly taste anything BEER in it but a whole lotta apricot. A lightly carbonated apricot malt beverage maybe...but not a straight up beer. The thing is though is that the apricot tastes artificial. Like it's an extract or a Jello flavoring. Whatever it is-it gets kind of annoying half way through. Not enough not to finish the bottle or anything but enough as where I don't care for a second bottle in a sitting. The ladies seemed to dig it though.
Not being one to judge an entire family based off one goofy sibling I decided to give Pyramid another shot and their Hefeweizen seemed just as good of choice as any. Well, colour me unimpressed. I'm not the biggest expert of Hefeweizen but I've tried enough of them now to know, at least in my own tastes, what is good about them. This, other than it's golden color, lack those qualities. No distinctive smell other than a sourness I can't quite pin. TOO MUCH of a lemon flavor. Watery and a funky bitterness. Doesn't remind me of anything good about a Hefeweizen. There just isn't any characteristics that make this stand out at all. Nothing horrible but not very exciting either. Bland.
The store that stocks it also has the company's Pale Ale in. I imagine that I'll give it a try down the road for the sake of trying it but after these two I'm not in any hurry.

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carson said...

You need to cover more Michigan made beers. Fuck that west coast shit.