Aug 12, 2007

LOS GATOS SALVAJES "Complete Recordings" CD

Though mostly recognized primarily as a North American and UK thing the 60's beat boom reached many parts of the world. In Argentina, the bug bit Los Gato Salvajes and in 1965 they released their debut album which historically as well as musically put them ahead of the game than their contemporaries in their home country. Singing in mostly in their native Spanish but taking musical cues from the Beatles (they cover "Ticket To Ride" here titled "Boleto Para Pasear" and "She Loves You") with the harmonies and jangly guitars, tinges of Dave Clark 5 with the kinda cheesy keys here and there (as well as their takes on "Glad All Over" and "Catch Us If You Can") and, to a lesser extent, the Rolling Stones (they do "Congratulaciones" aka "Congratulations" as well as Chuck Berry, Dale Hawkins, Drifters and Willie Dixon tunes Keith and the boys did which is where I'm guessing is where the band heard them from 'cuz there not many hints of "the blues" in these recordings elsewise) at the poppiest they could be at that time it easily understood why the songs they penned too were such a sensation in their country at the time. This is NOT some type of crazy BFTG stomp, scream or damage (which means it's a bit more clean and refined then what I usually lean to) but for those with an interest of what was going on in the 60's teen beat seen outside of England and the US this might very well be worth your hard earned dollar. If I was from Argentina I would think this would be a much cooler representation of what the country has done rather than Madonna starring in "Evita".

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