Aug 4, 2007

the GUT REACTIONS "So Sick Of You" 7inch EP

Smash! Bang! Crash 'Em Up!!! Whenever I go to a demolition derby (and I do go to at least a few every summer...What do you expect? I live in the county seat of a total Hicktown. You can't throw a carp 'round here in the summertime without hitting one and besides I have two sons...all red blooded American boys are into stuff like that) they're always playing some cheesy Nu-Country over the sound system between the heat. Yeah, yeah-I get it. It's all about dirt & dust & some kinda Junior Johnson spirit and isn't that what country music is all about? But c'mon...Kenny Chesney? Why not just play some fucking Liberace instead? After all, there are some similarities between the two that are uncanny and none of them have to do with dirt or dust or Junior Johnson. What they should be playing in stuff that is noisy and brash and sounding like it's overheating and might just blow sky high if it keeps taking that beating and overheating. Y'know....stuff like the Gut Reactions! Guitars buzzing like a fly in your ear if the fly had a thing for the Cramps and the Scientists, vocals cracked from cheering, screaming and drinking Night Train (or whatever cheap wine they drink in Madison, Wi.) all day and a rhythm section that the fly befriended while hanging around the garbage cans behind the restaurant with the most health department violations in town. The demo derby season is coming to and end for another season 'round these parts though so I can't propose the idea and make it happen this summer but there's always next. I have every intention on making this record blasting out over all those loud speakers then.

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