Aug 9, 2007

the ELECTRICUTIONS "Sedition, Subversion and Espionage" 7inch EP

Odie of the Baseball Furies brother is in this band. As where the Baseball Furies hit left the land of 30 foot snowdrifts off to the Windy City the Electrocutions guys found a piece of turf in Washington DC. Both bands play a brand of punk rock that each place was in dire need of. Chicago had it's share of good people into good music but the portion of cool bands per capita could be counted on less than one hand (keep in my this is just my opinion. Some contacts there would and perhaps will dispute it). DC, except for a rare exception, seems to be still suffering from some kinda Fugazi and David Grohl hangover that they just couldn't shake. Other than a more than a nod and a shake for the 60's teenage blast and howl the similarities get blurred and like all siblings they find a different path to cut though equipped with pretty much the same tools.
The Electricutions are more about a slow burn and thoughts to ponder than the flame throwing and watch it all explode approach of the Furies. A sound grafted off the Stiff Little Fingers then allowed to root in water rained down from the likes of the Standells while words of sociological importance provided some sunlight it would be easy for these guys to take the asshole know it all and I'm gonna bore ya with my dogma soapbox hogger platform but they do it in a regular guy from down the the block kinda way and pack enough swing into it to not make it sound like some stupid lecture.


street fighting man said...

How do they ad up to the dropkicks?

j said...

dropkicks? As in Murphys. They were a bunch of bullshit.

Dale said...

Nothing like "the Dropkicks".