Aug 24, 2007

BLANK DOGS "Yellow Mice Sleep" 7inch EP

I have a friend of mine who get's kinda irritated whenever I describe a band sound as something like "Mars Rock".
"Dude! Have you ever been there? How
do you know what the music would sound like? It might be like something we can't even understand. All we've ever heard is music that want us to THINK it's from outerspace." I've known the guy for quite along time now so we've been though this discussion more than a few times. The guy prefers to hear genre's that refer to the known rather than the unknown. It has been decided on that Chrome were "Inner Earth Rock", Kraftwerk were "German Scientist Rock", Flying Saucer Attack were "Acid Rain Rock" and Human Eye are "Dying Factory Town Soundtrack Rock". He digs all those bands but just gets a little bent on my blanket statement I guess. I'd also like to mention that he's the only I know in town who owns a copy of Meco's "Star Wars" on LP and throws it on at a parties with no intention of irony though. I asked him one night how would he describe the album. "Intergalactic Funk." Well, of course I shoud've know that cuz it is the record's subtitle? For some reason I guess that is different than mentioning a specific planet.
Now I'm sitting here and wondering the next time he stops by and is thumbing through my records and quizzing me about what they sound like and which one's do I think he'll like and he pulls out a Blank Dogs 45 (and I know he will). Wanting to go awhile again before I have to hear the contention again.
"Robot Punk"
"Crosswired Android Pop"
Hell, I don't know. It'll probably take me awhile to figure it out. "Yellow Mice Sleep" sounds like it's surging a power strip and the electricity is loving every minute of it. It's an overloaded murk that twinkles and shimmers. It reminds me of a time and era but as far as finding the why's and when's of what it is leave me a feeling a little open ended but the song the metallic (as in steel not the genre) guitar line is stuck in my head for more than a couple of days now.
"Housefly" is like being stuck inside of a Haunted House that may not have a lot of coin for high-tech shocks and gore but a demented enough mind to make up for it tenfold. "Smashed By People" is like Devo locked inside a humid closet while the guy standing outside holding on to the key is humming the melody of some Cheap Trick song I can't recall at the moment.

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