Aug 11, 2007

the AUTOMATIC ERASERS "Make It Right" 7inch

Hailing out of the Tempe, Az area the Automatic Erasers play "punk-n-roll" (Heh, how's that for feeling nostalgic for over a decade ago...Pulling out stupid pigeonholes that made me roll my eyes after seeing it used more than ten times in a zine or two. I vowed not to ever use it. Looks like I've broken that vow now) or also known as, like some of the modern age zinesters say, "Bar punk." Meat, potatoes and a couple cans of Busch to wash it down type of stuff. "Make It Right" reminds me a bit of the locally lamented Smackmadam. I know that ain't gonna help anyone who doesn't live around here but they were into the Lazy Cowgirls and Motorhead quite a bit and I don't doubt these guys are too. "On The Road" trades up the Lemmy with a head cold vox for a more straight forward shout and a slight bit more reckless instrumentation (a couple 40's of some kinda 'High Gravity' malt will do that to most). If the "Mighty Madam" were still around and these guys came through Port Huron the floor of the Roche would be covered in more than it's usual amount of split beer, half burned dollar bills (What the hell is up with that? Somebody sets fire to dollar bill then tosses it on the stage and waits for someone from the band to step on it to put it out? The only place I've ever seen it done is in this town...The first time at a Smackmadam show as a matter of fact...and I asked what it is suppose to signify. I've never gotten an answer. Is it something like shouting "Hey Everybody, Get Laid, Get Fucked" when a band plays 'Mony Mony' or something? Does anyone out there know?) and cigarette butts.


j said...

I always thought it was Hey Motherfuckers lets get laid and fuck on the Mony Mony song. I have no idea what the burning dollar bill thing is about though

John Taft Rules said...

bout time you started giving smackmadam some notice.

Dale said...

I'm thinking about getting ahold of Al Smackmadam and going out an drinking with him tonight.

Taft is that you?