Jul 22, 2007

the YOLKS "Introducing..." 7in EP

Garage rockin' fun out of Chicago. Now, just because you see the words garage and Chicago in that sentence don't be instantly thinking some kinda 'HOZAC' influenced scuzz-n-blastfest. This is much more pop and..well nerdy (as in putting on a clean shirt before going out for a night on the town instead of wearing the same grease stained, cigarette reeking one that looks like ya slept in it for the past 4 days...BECAUSE YOU DID) than something those two words might make a preconceived conjuring of. "My Baby Ain't High Class" and "I Found Love" are your standard Nuggets type redeux with handclaps, organs and 'Yeah, Yeah' backing vocals that could use a tad more OOMPH in the mastering department (the record itself sounds kinda flat.) I do dig how the singer's delivery is like a cross between a second tier 50's teen pop idol croon and a spit 'em out spat like Elvis Costello when he was still in his 'angry young man' phase though. I know from the sound of that you might be thinking it's something to pass on without even a second thought and I don't blame ya but on the other two songs "I Do What I Do" and "Somewhere New", both more along the lines of that teen jangler blow-out thing meeting pre-punk power pop, it totally works. "I Do What I Do" is the standout track on the record for sure. Kinda reminds me of one of the Libertines song I liked (but I don't why it does...there's just something about it. Way more American and no way as dingy though.There's something in 'the hook' maybe. A great hook though and I damn well know the Libertines didn't come up with it first anyways). I will be playing that song alone more than a couple times more before autumn sets upon this great midwestern region. If the band aims for more tunes in that vein down the road and move more away from the standard "garage rock" thing their batting average might become the talk of the town.

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