Jul 26, 2007

PINK REASON "By A Thread" 7inch EP (plus interview up over at the regular site)

I spun this on the radio show I do with a friend of mine last night and it sure caught his attention. He was more into the dark and goth thing back in his earlier days than I was. He thought I pulled out some obscure but worth resurrecting band's lone 7inch or some unheard of Love and Rockets bootleg. Eyeing the front cover, simply a grainy black and white pic of three total reject looking kids rocking out in a bedroom he knew the former was out but with the totally low budget pre-computer assisted graphic looking layout he still figured they were from sometime in the 80's and were most likely the local band that would open for bands like Echo and the Bunnymen and the like when they'd come through on a club date tour.
This is not the first time I have played someone a Pink Reason song and have gotten a reaction kinda like that. Spinning something off 'Cleaning The Mirror' one night I got asked "Is this something from the first Royal Trux album?"
In the interview (up over at Smashin' Transistors main terminal) I did with Kevin, Pink Reason's dented skull instigator, I asked him if Acid Psych was a good description to sum up the creepy, cold yet somehow intoxicating sound of the band. He replied "it's more robitussin blues" and really, I can't think of anything more appropriate.
"By A Thread" (the song I played last night) does sound like it COULD be a Love and Rockets OR Crispy Ambulance OR Jesus and Mary Chain outtake but with bad American drugs and a mile long sheet of stories about getting your ass kicked by baseball hat wearing dudes in a pickup truck than strictly just some art school wannabe poses.
"The Devil Always Wins" is nothing but a footstomp and a voice or two singing a song learned in a southern church. "Down On Me" fits right in place with "By A Thread" but a bit more quiet and...almost accessible. Why am I thinking the Monochrome Set when I hear it?
Pink Reason interview at Smashin' Transistors
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