Jul 9, 2007

NIGHT OF PLEASURE "Godard vs. Trufaut" 7inch EP

Columbus Discount has been flying the freak flag really high the last year or so when it comes to their cowtown. With Night of Pleasure though it's like the built a gigantic neon sign right before the city limits, engulfed it in flames and had Night of Pleasure play on top of it while the fire licks the sky. Who knew Jim Motherfucker had a kid? Is it any surprise he's on 10x's the rocketride to fuckedupsville when his role models for his vacant parent all died too young under many a different circumstances (Do I really gotta name them? If yr reading this ya probably know the ones I refering too)? Then consider they chum around with people like Times New Viking. It's gonna be a mess but one that'll bring out the accident gawker in anyone. Fuzzed out, overdriven and on the verge of either collapsing into a pool of toxic sweat or losing it's mind (again) and taking a few out with them along the way.

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