Jul 27, 2007


Amid the Joshua trees, coyotes, diamondback rattlesnakes and bats of the Mojave desert lives Haunted George...My guess in one of it's ghost towns. Living in a decrepit old shack where the howling midnight winds scream through the cracks on a parched parcel of land where you can pump at the well all day but other than a couple drips of liquid ya most get dust. Ain't much to do out there 'cept to creep yourself with hundreds of ghost tales, munch on cactus flowers and make friends with the turkey vultures. Haunted George has been lucky/cursed enough to have a guitar powered by the devil and a radio that receives only the most demented border radio stations. Part whiskey soaked preacher and part disgruntled pig farmer the artist formerly known as Steve Pallow of Beguiled, Necessary Evils and A Feast Of Snakes fame whips up a stew of slimy entrails, damnation and the surface noise from a bunch of old scratchy 78's. Usually when I'm walking down the street and I see some crazy man standing on the corner ranting and raving to no one I'll listen in but'll still take a wide enough berth just to be out of reach in case the guy wants to hit me in the face with a bible. With Haunted George, whether it's getting all pissed off about about the lack of world peace, happily singing about digging a grave or being knee deep in blood I'd not only stop to throw a couple of bucks in his hat but might even invite him down to the bar for a couple of shots. I'd also keep one eye on the exit though cuz I have a feeling that if things started getting to rowdy he could get the place to burst into flames just by thinking about it.
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