Jun 19, 2007

Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale

An "urban wheat ale"?! Was the wheat grown in the city? Is it endorsed by that country singer that has a lot musically in common with John Waite and nothing in with, let's say, Merle Haggard? He married that lady who used to be married to Tom Cruise then checked into rehab...so that strikes him from the list of speculations. Nah, it's just the brewmasters down at Goose Island coming up with a clever name for their twist on the "summer wheat" style. If you've been following some of my recent adventures in beer you'll recall how pissed I got at such things after that whole 'Sunset Wheat' misfortune. Has it made me gun shy of such things now? Not really...but I'm not expecting instant out of this worldness from anything bearing another Americanized take on any kind of wheat brew.
What ya get here is a lightly carbonated and very clean (almost too clean) tasting beer with hot day summertime drinking in mind. A slight hint of citrus in on the tastebuds with a slight bready aftertaste. Not much when it comes to tasting the hops. Yeast seems to take the lead. Not even close to be an exciting beer or something I imagine I would recommend to anything but a novice wanting to try "one of them fancy beers" (312 has enough character to show the drinker of average domestics a bit of zing but still gateway/bland enough not to make them run back to their watery security blanket that comes in can) and a big let down compared to other Goose Island things I have tried.


Pat said...

Not only does 312 cater to Chads and Trixies, it's also low on alcohol content. Fuck it.

carson said...

i found it to be weak too. Dont most US wheats have a low alc content?

j said...

Most wheats average around 5%. Most everything Goose Island makes is sort of overrated.

Dale said...

I wouldn't say everything Goose Island makes is overrated. It's just that 312 seemed so boring.