Jul 17, 2007

Flying Dog Classic Pale Ale

It's brewed in Colorado (Hmmm. Possible LLC connection perhaps?) AND in Maryland...The label sports Ralph Steadman artwork (cool color inking to boot) and a quote from Hunter S. Thompson on the carrying box. So it's kinda obvious the market they are going for. They even have cursing on their website and it seems like they're more about selling their t-shirts etc than their beers there.
Not much of a smell to this one overall but I'm thinking I detect a bit of pine in what scent I find. A light amber color that's nice but nothing special. A bit watery in the mouth. More yeasty than hops in the flavor which is a let down because, after all it claims to be a pale ale...A "classic" one at that. I like my pale's to have the hops get my attention. It's the first thing I look for in them. Kind of a coffee bean, grapefruit and that pine thing I already mentioned is what popped up on the tongue but it's an odd balance that doesn't work for me. I'm all for the grapefruit thing when it comes to dry hopped ales (which is what this claims to be) and come to expect it but it's the coffee bean thing mostly that turns me off here. It's just tastes weird here and hangs too long in the aftertaste. Not much to get excited about really. If I'm over at a friend's house and I'm offered one of these down the road I won't turn it down but I don't see me picking up another six for myself again.


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