Aug 13, 2007

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

A nice dark golden color and a scent like walking through the wood in a perfect summer day when the wildflowers are in complete bloom and the leaves of hundred year old trees shade the trail...Well, maybe that's a bit over the top but the brewery itself is fond of pushing itself that way sometimes and it is fun to play along and the claims I just made are kinda/sorta spot on what I was thinking before I turned the volume up on them there.
The most important part of this "continually hopped India Pale Ale" made by the people who proudly claim that they make "off centered ales for off centered people" is how it tastes. I dunno what kind of weird experiments the Dogfish Head brewmasters out in Delaware are doing to their hops but I hope they keep doing it. GRAPEFRUIT!!! That's what I'm tasting? It's all about the hops here and they have have this total sour-n-sweet smack and a sharp and spicy yet somewhat clean finish. Tart yet sweet...Bitter yet sparkling. If you're one of those people who likes the balance and complexities between the hops and malt this may not be your thing but if you're not afraid of hoppy zing (This IS NOT a brew for the hop shy) as I am but sometimes feel that a twist and turn needs to be thrown into the works every now and then this IPA (which actually reminds of a different slant taken on an American Pale Ale more than an IPA really) 6%er totally hits the spot.


Lord Rutledge said...

You a regular Dogfish drinker, Dale? I swear that I was legally intoxicated just from the brewery tour samples there! That's some potent stuff, those IPAs. I'm a big fan of their Punkin Ale and Chicory Stout...I wanna give the pale ale a try too but haven't yet.

I used to be goth too said...

A punkin ale? Is it punk rock?

Dale said...

I have some bottles of the Punkin Ale (and yes, it is spelled even says PUNK on the band label around the neck) in the fridge. It's one of those kind of beers I'm gonna let chill for a few days and try when both the better half and I can give 'em a taste.