Jul 23, 2007

the CATHOLIC BOYS "Dead Ball" 7in EP

All the best punk rock bands of all time lasted a few singles and if they were lucky-a good album or two. Sure, there are exceptions to the rule but they are few and far between. The Catholic Boys released a handful of fucking great singles and put out one of the best albums of 2004...They were way ahead of the curve. Lots of people expected such a spasmodic ball of laser guided panic attacks to combust into a billion pieces after that. Then there was talk of a second album...How would they follow it up? Would it be that rare feat...or a letdown. Well, sometime during the recording process it blew up into a million pieces. Paul and Jon decided to let those reoccurring Archies nightmares lead the way, Nickg fell under that Upper 51st poon spell that has hit many a Wisconsinner the past few years and Eric...well, I'm guessing he still is part of 32 active bands at the moment.
Well Mister Moneybags aka Vincent D'Onofrio impersonator aka Wisconsin's answer to Ahmet Ertegun 'cept with a penchant for polo shirts instead of fine Italian suits aka Todd Trickknee was not gonna let a bunch of dextroamphetamine chewing misfits get the last laugh. I dunno who he got control of the masters back but I bet it involved some knee breaking and at the least some black mail. All I know is that I'm damn glad he did.
"Dead Ball" feels like the high school gymnasium in the late spring. It's hot, dankness hangs in the air and it's a required to attend or threat of suspension and summer assembly. Then out of nowhere that group of freaks in the too tight clothes from the lunchroom crash everything! What is that they're pulling out of those bags?!
Awww fuck! Hide! I don't want my yearbook picture being shown on the 11 o' clock news with some somber music being played behind it?
What? They're pulling out guitars and drumsticks?!
They aim a flamethrower at the football team then invite all the other misfits they've never hung out with on stage to chant. Then some crazy speed metal flashback take over for a couple of seconds. Everyone left not bleeding or having blood on them start getting nervous ticks and scream in glee because of it by the time the songs ends.
"Sick To Death" is that fucked up Funk/Aerosmith/No Wave based riff these boys have mutated a couple of times in the past and everytime I dig yelling "It's that fucked up Funk/Aersomith/No Wave riff they mutate."
The first time I heard the band do a cover of "7 and 7 Is" was in Detroit. It took a litte bit of time for me to realize what they were doing. Halfway through I was like "Yes! This is a perfect song for them to cover." It's not one you'd ever think of them doing but once you hear the way they wring it out it makes perfect sense. The second time I heard it was at Richard Adventure's wedding reception a season or so later. I think they were one of the very people who weren't stoned on LSD that evening. Later in the evening I asked my better half what her take was on the Catholic Boys cover of a Love song was. She then lectured me about how whipping a BBQ beef sandwich at a wedding reception was completely disrespectful even in the middle of Wisconsin and how it could bring bad luck. Richard is splitting up with his lady now and the Catholic Boys have been lone gone for well over a year.Was she right? Am I to blame? Sorry. I didn't mean it. I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW. No one can blame it on this song though because it wasn't the one they were playing when the meat and bun went flying. Y'know though, the more I think about it...I should ask the misses what type of luck does whipping a shoe at a band while they're playing at a wedding reception brings. The band was closer to the song in their set that night when that happened. Someone from the western Michigan coastline aka not the side us more cultured folks come from might have some explaining to do then. All of that's neither here or there though right now. It may be one of the last nails in the Catholic Boys coffin but it shines bright and gold.
Todd don't have time for websites..Email him if'n yr interested about the record

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