Jul 11, 2007

the BLOWTOPS "P.S. This Is A Zombie" CD

What's going on here? I remember this band being all about feedback, screaming and sounding something like a soundtrack to a punk rock gore flick. They're still like that in a way but also they sound more together than before. The last thing I remember hearing by them was 'Blood and Tar' but that was like 6 years ago so maybe I missed the progression from then til now. The instruments sound like they want to punch you in the face instead of hacking loogies in your ear and the vocals, which used to buried under a bunch of echo, are right up front and sounding like a mix of Jon Spencer from 'Extra Width' and Rollins when he was in Black Flag. They're still all about blood, guts and gore but it's a way more coherent than I remember. Dig the Bantam Rooster cover too.

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carson said...

The Blowtops are still around?