Jun 3, 2007

RAPID ADAPTOR "Live The Lie" 7inch EP

Do ya wanna hear some total worship of the Rip Off Records heyday sound? I know I throw that reference point out ALOT but, after all there are ALOT of bands in the world that totally go for that sound. Rapid Adaptor trump them all but in one of the best ways possible. No, this isn't the type of record where you think "Oh, they sound like they wanna be on Rip Off." It's more like "Rip Off is starting to release their archival recordings before any tangible formats stops selling completely." Ya get 8 songs recorded by Mr. Paul Reject (who's Teenage Rejects had their quick fling with Mr Lowery's static splattered aesthetics) in the most perfect low end be damned-let's crank the levels into the red line way since....umm...The Rip Offs perhaps? Every song blasts out quick, snotty and dumb leaving greasy junk food fingerprints all over the place, eardrums that'll need a rest to readjust after the wide open treble searing and a good damn hook you'll find stuck in your head while sitting at a stop light or standing in line at the liquor store.

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